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Holland Controls B.V.

DMEnergy is the official representative of Holland Controls in Russia.

Many engineers of Holland Controls used to be employees by Rolls-Royce and are extensively experienced in Rolls-Royce gas turbines control systems, as well as in control systems of GE, Siemens and other gas turbines.

Holland Controls has long been engaged in oil and gas industry worldwide and is certified according to SCC* 2004/04 (systems safety) and ISO-9001-2008 (systems quality).



Control system upgrade

Holland Controls offers development of gas and steam turbines, compressor stations control systems solutions. Upgraded control systems extend equipment life, thus increasing the revenue of your company.

Control systems go out of date faster than the equipment they are installed for. Holland Controls can provide different levels of upgrading depending on the customer's needs, allocated budget, skill of engineers on site.


Advantages of control systems upgrade:

  • Quick data registration
  • Parameters visualization
  • Modern powerful PLC
  • Saving all data
  • Improved events differentiation
  • Easy connection to remote systems


A wide range of control system components used, including those of Siemens AG (Germany), Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan), Honeywell Enraf (USA), Invensys system (USA), ABB (Switzerland)

Holland Controls can provide different scopes of upgrade: full, limited, control system only or field devices only.


Engineering services

Holland-Controls provides the entire range of engineering services:

  • Technical specifications writing,
  • Hardware and software design,
  • Systems and devices complementing,
  • Diagnostics,
  • Gas turbines maintenance.

Consulting services

  • Specifications design,
  • Independent technical assessment,
  • Factory testing,
  • Commissioning.


Turbine control systems

Holland-Controls engineering activities meet all the requirements of the European standards NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2000 and Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC).


Holland-Controls main activity covers turbine control systems. Over the past 20 years, our engineers have designed and installed over 200 gas turbine control systems of various types and from various manufacturers. Also, Holland Controls experts provide control systems technical support and maintenance.

In its gas turbines control systems Holland-Controls uses the following brands of equipment: OPRA, Rolls-Royce, Ruston, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, IGTS (EECT), Bently Nevada, Schenck, SAE-Stahl, Wonderware, Daniels, etc.

Over the years Holland-Controls has implemented a number of projects involving Cooper-Bessemer, Ingersoll Rand, Superior gas turbine drive control systems.

Over the past 5 years Holland-Controls has adjusted over 30 control systems of gas turbines.

There is no other independent and extensively experienced company throughout the world. Holland-Controls continues to support some of the control systems, which are no longer supported by their manufacturer.


Holland-Controls uses the equipment of the controls leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell - Allen Bradley, Rolls-Royce, ABB, GE-Fanuc, etc. Holland-Controls has designed many systems using the extremely powerful, safe and reliable Siemens S7-300 platform.

Siemens has perfect reputation: you can receive spare parts within one day. Currently, Siemens is a global brand of programmable logic controllers (PLC). Many years of practical experience confirm that Siemens continues to support its systems even when they go out of date. Previous Siemens S5 system is supported for 35 years after the release date.


Works competed by Holland-Controls

Holland-Controls extensive experience and high qualification of its personnel is confirmed with an impressive list of successfully competed works.


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