Fuel systems

Score Energy

Score Energy

DMEnergy is a representative of Score Energy in Russian Federation.

Score Energy provides the service of Siemens Industrial (Rolls-Royce) Avon and TB5000/TB5400 gas generators.

Score Energy carries out maintenance of fuels systems and accessories for GE turbines (SAC and DLE, LM1600, LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, LMS100, Frame). With unique license Score Energy can perform overhaul of Honeywell and Woodward fuel valves and use testing equipment.

Also thanks to global authorization from Parker, Score Energy can perform overhaul, modernization and testing of all types of nozzles SAC, Premixer DLE ("Dry Low Nox") and additional equipment (pumps) for gas turbines GE LM series.

Score Energy maintains over $30 million of both new and overhauled parts for various manufacturer's gas turbines, including major assemblies, fuel nozzles, accessories and auxiliaries. As part of a spares management contract Score Energy design and supply operational spares kits which cover all common maintenance scenarios. This approach ensures that all necessary spares will be on hand to minimize downtime during maintenance activities and unplanned shutdowns. Score Energy currently holds stock of Siemens Light Industrial, Rolls-Royce Avon, Rolls-Royce RB211 and GE LM parts & equipment.


Carbon removal with pyrolytic and ultrasonic cleaning


Nozzle positioning


Inner circuit pressure check


Vacuum brazing and thermal processing


Quality check


Automatic gas tungsten welding of nozzles


High quality service along with usage of OEM parts for fuel systems provide maximum efficiency and lifetime saving producer warranty. Score Energy customer base includes major service centers, end users and OEM's throughout the world. 

Servicing GE’s LM fuel systems and accessories

Servicing GE’s LM fuel systems and accessories

  1. Water sprint nozzles 
  2. Actuators VIGV, VBV, VSV
  3. Bleed valves
  4. Staging valves
  5. Fuel manifolds and feed pipes
  6. Sensors and harnesses
  7. Wet compression/fogging
  8. L & S Pumps
  9. Hydraulic pumps
  10. Starters
  11. VG controllers
  12. Bolts and sealing
  13. Fuel nozzles
  14. Premixers

Arkwin actuators