22 Jun. 2020
DMEnergy undergoes inspection for the renewal of TRACE Certification on an annual basis.
14 Feb. 2018
DMEnergy and Alba Power carried out overhaul of the Rolls Royce Avon 1535-161G gas generator mod 5020 (Avon 200).
26 Jan. 2018
In December 2017 DMEnergy and Alba Power specialists supervised the installation of the Avon gas generator.
13 Sep. 2016
Process of disassembling is pretty long and take at least one week. Sometimes there are two shifts to decrease the overhaul time.
14 Jul. 2016
DMEnergy company is actively expanding its presence in the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex in Russia and the CIS countries.
06 Jul. 2016
DMEnergy specialists visited the exhibition POWER-GEN Europe, which took place on 21-23 June, this year in Milan, Italy.