Delivery of spare parts for GE МS 5001 PА

DMEnergy shipped order of Nizhnekamskneftechim company to Nizhnekamsk town, namely spare parts for gas-turbine installation GE МS 5001 РА:

  1. 339A9971G002 – Shroud Set, 2 Stage;
  2. 919B0310P001 – Retainer, Cross Fire Tube;
  3. 294A0150P005 – Locking Plate;
  4. 302A4594P009 – Gasket, Spiral wound;
  5. 193B7869P003 – Locking Plate;
  6. 114A3440P001 – Gland.  
Locking Plate 294A0150P005
Gland for GE МS 5001 РА
Shroud Set, 2 Stage
Shroud Set, 2 Stage
Gasket, Spiralwound
Locking Plate 193B7869P003

General Electric МS 5001 РА – model of GE Frame turbine series. GE МS 5001 are single shaft compact turbines for heavy-duty operation.

Main features of МS 5001 turbine:

  • 17-stage axial compressor;
  • combustion system with ten chambers;
  • 2-stage turbine.

Due to MS5001 excellent operational and economic performance as well as ease of maintenance, over 2,500 turbines of this series operate on various industrial sites around the world.