Spares for low and high pressure compressors

DMEnergy is an exclusive representative of AP+M company since March 2016.

AP+M company

Since 1993 AP+M is a large global independent distributor of aeroderivative (General Electric LM 1600, LM 2500, LM 2500+, LM 5000, LM 6000, LMS 100, Pratt & Whitney GG4 and FT4) and industrial gas turbine (General Electric Frame 5, Frame 7B, Frame 7E, Frame 7EA, Frame 7FA, Frame 7FA+e, Frame 9E, Frame 9FA, Siemens W501F) parts.

Stocking inventory of AP+M is about $20 million, which makes possible to meet emergency needs and to be reliable partner in scheduled downtime and maintenance. Headquarters and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul facility is located in Boynton Beach, (USA). AP+M has international representations in Japan, Korea, Malaysia and China.


AP+M official partners

AP+M is a distributor of the following companies:

  • Advanced Atomization Technologies (AA Tech) & Parker Hannifin (spare parts for any GE LM gas-turbine engines and also some Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce aeroderivative gas-turbine units)
  • Triumph Engine Control (supply of the new spare, maintenance and overhaul services)
  • Hydra Service Inc. – Eaton Licensed Repair & Manufacturing Facility

Supply of turbine spares

AP+M products

Component stock:

  • fuel nozzles,
  • lubrication pumps,
  • bleed air valves,
  • block valves.

Manufactures and suppliers of:

  • low and high pressure compressors,
  • engine accessories,
  • control systems,
  • gas generators.

Accessories and consumables:

  • fasteners,
  • sealing,
  • filters,
  • repair kits.

Turbine components


  • accelerometers,
  • speed probes,
  • UV flame sensors,
  • vibration sensors,
  • pressure probes,
  • temperature sensors,
  • cables and wires
  • control cards.

Official AP+M site: